The Zengine Process

Everything you need to know about what we do

Oil can be compared to the lifeblood of your engine, a regular oil analysis program can be a valuable help in the maintenance of your engine. 

How we perform fluid analysis

Zengine is a service of SGS, the world leader in engine fluid testing and analysis. We’ve applied our decades of experience in the professional sector to create Zengine Labs — a state-of-the-art testing center where we can examine your engine’s oil in ways no one else can.

Tests we perform

Motor oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle. It touches every part of your engine and picks up evidence of wear and vulnerabilities along the way. Once we receive a sample of your engine’s oil, we measure 30 different parameters to help you understand what your engine is trying to tell us.

Why & when

Why oil testing?

Oil in an engine has often been compared to blood of a human body. Like a blood test does for the human body, oil testing can provide valuable information related to the health of your engine.

When should I get my oil tested?

We recommend you get your engine's oil tested once a year so you can detect changes in your engine's condition over time. Think of it as your engine's annual physical. Annual Zengine Tests will provide you with peace-of-mind and increase the value and sellability of your car should you choose to sell it. 

As oil travels to every point throughout the engine, it performs several tasks:

  • Separate moving surfaces
  • Clean internal parts
  • Transport contaminants to the filter
  • Cool surfaces
  • Control oxidation

In order to accomplish these tasks, the base oil is fortified with key additives. During the oil’s travels, these additives are “consumed”, or rendered useless over time. At the same time, key failure indicators are deposited in the oil (i.e. coolant, fuel, silicon, aluminum, chrome, etc). Zengine Laboratories have the world-class staff and equipment needed to detect these clues about your engine’s health and provide a clear diagnosis of the findings (i.e. possible head gasket failure, injector failure, dirt ingression, piston ring wear, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

If you chose standard shipping, you should receive the test kit within 5 business days. If you chose expedited shipping, you should have received a tracking number and received your test kit within 1-2 business days. If for some reason it does not arrive please contact


Standard shipping costs are included in the test kit costs. Expedited shipping is quoted at time of ordering prior to payment. Samples can be returned to the lab using the pre-addressed and pre-paid returns envelope.

Sample test kits should be received within 5 working days. Your results should be available within 5 days from receipt at the laboratory.

Yes, the laboratory team would be happy to discuss any questions you may have. Please contact the team at

A completion notification will be sent to you via email. At that time, you can log in the Zengine Portal to see your results. A report can be printed from the Zengine Portal.

The sampling process is very easy, and the everything you need will be provided along with instructions.

A notification will be emailed to you upon sample receipt in the laboratory. Upon receipt, at the laboratory, your results should be provided within 5 working days.

The analysis will be undertaken at Zengine Laboratory located in Naperville, IL

At a minimum, we will need the VIN # of the vehicle in order to test the engine sample. This is to ensure all alarm parameters are compared to the appropriate alarm tables. The sample registration process will request additional information such as oil in use, time on oil, time on engine, etc. The more information we have, the better the analysis can be.

The sample test kit will include all of the components required to take and submit your sample

Absolutely. You can buy the test kit to be delivered to a third party.

Sampling test kits are valid for 12 months from point of order.

If your engine is warmed up, it should only take 10-15 minutes to pull the oil sample and register your sample test kit online.

The best results occur when oil has had a chance to fully cycle through the engine for 1000 miles or more. When you register your test kit we ask you to note the number of miles the engine has run on the current oil as this may affect how the data is evaluated.

Absolutely not! Attempting to sample a running engine will most likely result in engine damage and possible hand injury. The sampling tube potentially getting caught up in rotating parts inside the engine. If you need a refresher on how to pull a sample, watch this helpful video tutorial.

Before pulling your sample, please read the instructions and watch the instructional videos. If you are still having problems, please contact us at


We suggest annual sampling for normal driving and trending. Oil analysis works best when data is trended over time. Sampling before a long trip will also give you the confidence your engine is in great condition. You can also sample to confirm mechanic diagnosis before approving work.

Yes, you can have your mechanic take your sample for you. Make sure the mechanic uses the Zengine sampling bottle to send in the oil sample.

You will learn valuable information about the health of your engine as well as what types of contaminants are in your oil. You can also use Zengine testing to confirm the proper oil was used during your last oil change.

The Zengine report can help to identify when an adverse condition exists. The evaluation will include recommended services however, these recommendations should always be reviewed with your service center to determine if something else can be done which may be more effective.

Many newer vehicles do not have dipsticks for manual oil level checks. In these cases, the Zengine sample will need to be collected during an oil drain. Instruction for this method are included in the Zengine test kit.